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Download English Subtitles for Her movie | SRT files

Set in Los Angeles, somewhat sometime later, “her” accompanies Theodore Twombly, an intricate, heartfelt man who makes his living composition touching, particular letters for other individuals. Shattered after the closure of an involved acquaintance, he gets captivated with another, progressed working framework, which guarantees to be an instinctive element in its own right, individual to every client. After launching it, he is pleased to meet “Samantha,” a brilliant, female voice, who is adroit, delicate and shockingly amusing. As her needs and craves develop, in coupled with his own, their kinship develops into a consequent cherish for one another. From the remarkable view of Oscar-assigned producer Spike Jonze comes an unique cherish story that investigates the developing nature—and the dangers of closeness in the up to date





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